SID日本学生支部主催 企業―博士交流会(コニカミノルタ)
Exchange meeting (KONICA MINOLTA × PhD students )

Date, Time, and place

2021年9月2日(木)10:00 – 11:30 (Zoom 会議)
2nd September 2021, 10:00 – 11:30 (Zoom meeting)

Scheduled program

  • オープニングトーク (辻村技術フェロー、コニカミノルタ)
  • ビデオ等による会社紹介(コニカミノルタ)
  • 博士人材への期待(北技術フェロー、コニカミノルタ)
  • 博士社員プレゼン1(渡辺博士、材料系)
  • 博士社員プレゼン2(森博士、宇宙科学出身、現在X線撮影装置開発)
  • まとめ、会社見学会の案内
  • 質疑応答、参加学生の自己紹介
  • Opening remarks (Dr. Tsujimura, KONIKA MINOLTA)
  • Introduction of KONICA MINOLTA by video
  • The expectation for doctorate degree holders (Dr. Kita, KONIKA MINOLTA)
  • Presentation by an employee 1
    (Dr. Watanabe, Specialty : Materials)
  • Presentation by an employee 2
    (Dr. Mori, Space Science was the research area as a student, currently developing x-ray equipment)
  • Information about company tour
  • Question and answer session, Self-introduction by students

Targeted participants

PhD students or students considering entering a doctoral course, who are SID Japan Student Chapter members

Application form for participation


The First Student Workshop

Date & Time

5th July 2021, 17:00 – 18:30

(Zoom meeting)


  • Opening remarks as the setup of SID Japan student Chapter
  • Introduction about grant support for members
  • About IDW ’21
  • Explanation about the SID Japan Student Chapter
  • Information exchanges about the research of members
  • Others (information from companies, etc.)