SID Japan Chapter provides financial support for travel expenses for presentation of results to student members. The meetings eligible for the subsidy are SID-related conference presentations. Student members are encouraged to apply.

Travel expense support system for SID Japan Chapter student members to present their research results
Effective June 12, 2000 (Revised December 21, 2000)

Purpose of the ProgramWith the aim of promoting the sound development of the SID Japan Chapter and the activation of the academic activities of the SID Japan Chapter, the SID Japan Chapter provides partial support for travel expenses required for student members to participate in presentations of results at conferences (meetings) organized (including jointly organized) by the SID and the SID Japan Chapter.
Eligible Conferences and MeetingsSID and SID Japan Chapter sponsored or co-sponsored the following conferences/meetings held outside the applicant’s country of residence: ASID, IDRC, and conferences/meetings deemed necessary by the selection committee below.
Amount of subsidy for travel expensesThe amount of the subsidy shall not exceed the actual travel expenses required by the student member.
Eligibility for subsidyTravel expenses may include accommodation.
Eligible studentsStudent members of the SID Japan Chapter who will present their research and development reports (including oral presentations) at the above-mentioned conferences.
Selection of Eligible StudentsThe following selection committee will select eligible students.
Selection CommitteeThe Selection Committee shall consist of the officers of the SID Japan Chapter and an appropriate number of regular members appointed by the Chapter Chair, and the meeting shall be valid when half of the members are present. The Chapter Officers shall be the Chapter President, Vice President, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, General Secretary, and Assistant Secretary.
Application and DatesAn application form indicating the name of the student who wishes to apply for the program and contact information (address, telephone, etc.) should be submitted to the General Secretary, along with a letter of recommendation from the student’s academic advisor, etc. The application form should be sent to the Secretary of the General Affairs Section. The application must be submitted 30 days prior to the start of the meeting.
Payment (prohibition of proxy acceptance)The support fee shall be handed over during the conference upon presentation of a student ID card or other identification that identifies the applicant. No proxy will be accepted.
Waiver of rightsAny recipient who has not presented his/her receipt during the stipulated meeting period shall be deemed to have waived his/her right to receive the support.
Prohibition of Multiple ReceiptStudents receiving travel grants from other SID symposiums or other SID chapters are not eligible for this program.
Publication of NamesThe affiliation, name, and title of the results of students who have received this support will be published in the chapter publications as appropriate.
Priority for publication of resultsThe SID Section will request that the papers submitted under this program be given first priority for publication in SID-related publications, and will confirm this at the time the program is applied.

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